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Riku of Two Reflections

"The reflections never stray far from each other,
and when danger threatens, enemies face the power of both Rikus"

Riku is what I call a 'surge' General. He might be there for a while, looking small and meaningless, but suddenly he does something so amazing, so fast that things change completely in your favor in a matter of seconds.

Riku of Two Reflections has, precisely, two triggered abilities that duplicate creatures or instants and sorceries. This may sound cute, and most people play Riku just to experience that little kick of overpowered might that comes when you actually manage to duplicate something really big with him, but his true potential resides in a more obscure red mechanic.

Let's see; Riku is very versatile because he can be played as a combo, beatdown or toolbox General. However, it is easy to see that there are many other Generals that can Voltron, Beat or Combo a lot better than this golden guy. Whats really unique about Riku?

Warp World

I assure you, there is no other General that can take such tremendous advantage of this explosive sorcery than Riku of Two Reflectios.


Riku has Red, which is essentially obvious if you want to play something like Warp World. He also has Green. Hmmm. Green has a lot of creatures that produce tokens. Red too. What happens when your battlefield is overflown with tokens and copies of the creatures that produced those tokens (resulting in even more tokens), however small they may be, and you suddenly cast Warp World on everything? You will instantly generate a massive board position, while completely breaking your opponents game. It is almost as if you are playing Genesis Wave of Primal Surge, but in Red, and affecting everything else in your favor.

Basically, you will have a lot of tokens that count towards the total permanent count for Warp World's effect, so when you resolve it you put into the battlefield an amount equal to that total permanent count, but in this case they will all be non-token, powerful, gigantic permanents that produce EVEN MORE tokens when they come into play or when you pay certain amount of mana, which can be paid easily with all the extra lands that you will also put into the battlefield.

So, we obviously need creatures that produce a lot of tokens and that are in alignment with the color palette of our General. Red and Green can do that pretty well:

Creatures That Produce Tokens


Body Double is not a token-producing creature, but it may copy one that does. I didn't include the classic Verdant Force because if you like to play Commander one on one, then it is not that awesome.

Other non-creature spells that produce tokens are:

Doubling Season is an all-star here because it can do pretty nasty things all by itself. For example, you can mess-up with Pentavus or Sekki, Season's Guide to do pretty awesome things.

Rite of Replication can be particularly nasty with Riku of Two Reflections because Riku can copy both the sorcery AND the creature tokens the Blue sorcery produces. It does require a massive amount of mana if you want to make all the triggers with Riku, but that is not always an issue in Commander. Besides, there is a lot of mana-ramp and duplication that you can do here:


I'm pretty sure thats plenty of mana production and color-fixing. Green is awesome at that.

Now, Riku is a small General, for its mana cost. A five mana creature that is only 2/2 is a little unnerving, especially when there are so many things out there that can kill him. Here is a list of stuff that can protect your General from harm:


Hinder and Spell Crumple are specially great against Generals. They get sent to their owners libraries. We love stuff like Bribery, Draining Whelk and Desertion because they put more permanents on your side of the battlefield; more stuff for Warp World! Now, Imagine copying something like Bribery with Riku...



These cards are very important to this Commander deck because you need stuff that can give haste to everything when you resolve your Warp World. Also, as a bonus, Urabrask the Hidden also disrupts your opponent's creatures because they will be arriving tapped at the battlefield, and Maelstrom Wanderer gives you TWO cascade triggers.


Any of these can be copied with Riku, making even more explosive stuff!

Tutors and Card-Drawing

You also need tutors and card-drawing engines to search for Warp World:

Each of these spells can change the game if they are used correctly.

We also have the green variants that search for creatures. They are specially great to copy with Riku because you can copy both the spell and the creature that it searches for!



You want to have spells that let you recover your used stuff, like World Warp, tutors and counters:


You need lands. Particularly, you need lands that have utility. You need Boseiju, Who Shelter's All because it protects your massive Warp World when you cast it.

You also need Reliquary Tower to deal with all the cards that you will be drawing from your Blue spells and dragons:

Homeward Path is also important because you don't want your General being stolen.

Here you have the full set of multicolored lands for Riku:

And 5x of each Mountain and Forest, and 4x Island:

Thats it. Cast lots of creatures and produce a lot of tokens with Riku's duplicating abilities, then cast Warp World to gain huge board advantage over your opponents!

Complete Card List

Here is a card list of this sample deck, for your reference:

-Riku of Two Reflections

-Avenger of Zendikar
-Body Double
-Ant Queen
-Hornet Queen
-Precursor Golem
-Chancellor of the Forge
-Rampaging Baloths
-Symbiotic Wurm
-Sekki, Season's Guide
-Solemn Simulacrum
-Sakura-Tribe Elder
-Yavimaya Elder
-Oracle of Mul Daya
-Primeval Titan
-Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger
-Draining Whelk
-Urabrask the Hidden
-Maelstrom Wanderer
-Woodfall Primus
-Consecrated Sphix
-Sphinx of Utuun
-Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
-Intet, the Dreamer
-Eternal Witness
-Izzet Chronarch
-Mnemonic Wall

-Parallel Lives
-Doubling Season

-Warp World
-Rite of Replication
-Personal Tutor
-Tooth and Nail
-Genesis Wave
-Green Sun's Zenith
-Praetor's Counsel

-Spell Crumple
-Mystical Tutor
-Chord of Calling

-Sol Ring
-Darksteel Ingot
-Thran Dynamo
-Simic Signet
-Gruul Signet
-Izzet Signet
-Armillary Sphere
-Lightning Greaves

-Command Tower
-Reflecting Pool
-Grand Coliseum
-Homeward Path
-Boseiju, Who Shelters All
-Reliquary Tower
-Rootbound Crag
-Hinterland Harbor
-Sulfur Falls
-Karplusan Forest
-Yavimaya Coast
-Shivan Reef
-Fire-Lit Thicket
-Flooded Grove
-Cascade Bluffs
-Gruul Turf
-Simic Growth-Chambers
-Izzet Boilerworks
-5x Mountain
-5x Forest
-4x Island

Own the world! Any world!

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